Our Story

About Nancy Haldia

REYA founder Nancy Haldia is a Los Angeles native based in New York City. Growing up traveling to international trade shows for her father’s loose gemstone company, her fascination with gold, silver, diamonds & precious/semi-precious gemstones blossomed at a young age. After receiving a dual degree in Finance & Economics from Northeastern University, Nancy worked as a consultant in turnaround management to help companies turn areas of stagnation into sustainable growth (while designing jewelry as a hobby). These experiences and her love of fine jewelry have inspired Nancy to build a hand curated brand filled with varying one of a kind designs all made accessible to young professionals. With REYA, she aims to curate a personalized shopping experience for fine jewelry by educating buyers on the importance of investing in solid gold and the drawbacks of “fast jewelry” in our ever changing world.

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Who we are

REYA stands to connect with you on the ethos of the collections while staying grounded through it’s well-established roots in Los Angeles and New York. The brand specializes in custom pieces and hand-detailed one of a kind designs ranging from everyday jewelry to engagement and bridal pieces. REYA differentiates itself from legacy brands by educating clients on the benefits of investing in fine jewelry to build an eye-catching collection that will appreciate over time. Storytelling has been a powerful tool in building our family brand over generations and we continue to share the story behind our collections with our growing family of clients.

Our Commitment

REYA has fine-tuned it’s three guiding pillars to continually provide clients with a familial and immersive experience.

The first pillar is people. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best designs, details, and sourcing principles before they ask for it. We aim to anticipate your needs because as a family, it’s the least we can do. Our clients' buying experience shapes how we function internally at REYA. Hence, catering to your needs enables us to curate one of a kind pieces we know you will cherish for a lifetime and more.

Our second pillar is process. Sourcing designs conflict-free Diamonds and recycled precious materials is our passion & we are devoted to fulfilling your innermost desire for the perfect fine jewelry piece in every occasion. Giving you the freedom to design your ideal setting & pairing it with precious/semi-precious colored gemstones or ethical diamonds makes us happy. Within this process, REYA stays transparent & true in educating you on our key buying tips for your desired piece. We are dedicated to your awestruck moment, forever.

Lastly, our third pillar is product. Our hand curated pieces live with you for a lifetime and more. REYA has established top of the industry supply chain in Los Angeles working with a small team of gem dealers, cutters, bench jewelers, and family designers to curate all pieces in our collections.

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